Punk architecture
& Social projects

Mathematical sculptures

Workshop: Superadobe

Workshop: Participatory architecture

From Biennale to orchard - A structure for parcc Oasis

"Sorbole" - Urban garden´s equipment

"A GOTA D'AGUA" - Fogcatcher

"Oca Do Curumin" - Children´s Area

Geodesic Workshop @ Escala local

Rescued blinds Geodesic Greenhouse

The tree - self suficent system

Geodesic workshop @ symbioza, 34th EASA Festival

AGRORÀ - Urban space for opportunites and cultural contamination

Good path hostel

Super adobe building system

Darnius's eco camping

La bañera - shared space

Geodesic geometries

Hortolab - creative space

Marcello's house

el nodo - participary cultural center

Elote's bike - neighborhoods's

Temazcal - traditional steam sauna

Active citizens - urban actions in public spaces


Punk architecture & Social projects